Food: Too Good to Waste

The “Food: Too Good to Waste” program was created by the Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase awareness around the impacts of food waste. This 6-week program will go through a series of behavior changes on food waste production. During the program period, individuals will be asked to weigh all compostable food items each week (such as eggshells, produce, coffee grounds, etc). At the end of the 6 weeks, households will be able to see the impact that food waste causes as well as have valuable solutions to reduce their level of waste production. An incentive for participation in the program is a free quarter of refuse that is paid the quarter after their participation ends. Sign up here!

    • 6-week program overview:
      • Week 1 & 2: No behavior change
      • Week 3-5: Implementing changes and strategies.
        • Smart Shopping
        • Smart Storage
        • Smart Prep
        • Smart Saving – “Eat This First”
      • Week 6: Final measurement
  • Weight data and verification photos will be uploaded via an online survey form.
  • Data will be useful in understanding the level of food waste that is produced within the Borough.
  • Provides residents with environmental and economic values of their food waste.
  • Supports the Borough as “A Green Place to Live”.
Interesting facts:
  • One pound of food waste is equivalent to $1.17
  • There are two types of compostable food waste – preventable (such as rotting produce) and non-edible (such as apple cores and eggshells)