Quality of Life

Lack of maintenance of properties, littering, improper storage of trash and rubbish, storage of inoperable/non-registered vehicles, vendor operations without permits, and accumulation of snow and ice are costly problems that contribute to the deterioration of property values and general disorder in a community. These problems degrade the physical appearance of the Borough, which reduces business and tax revenue inhibiting economic development, the quality of life and community pride of the citizens of Mechanicsburg are negatively impacted by these occurrences and the existence of these activities. Recognizing these are community-wide problems, the purpose of this Part is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the Borough by helping to create a clean environment for the citizens of Mechanicsburg.

Violation Description

  • QOL-001 Accumulation of rubbish or garbage
  • QOL-002 Animal maintenance and waste/feces clean-up
  • QOL-003 Disposal of rubbish, garbage or Illegal dumping    
  • QOL-004 High weeds, grass, or plant growth
  • QOL-005 Littering or scattering rubbish
  • QOL-006 Motor vehicles
  • QOL-007 Outside placement of indoor appliances/furniture
  • QOL-008 Ownership presumption of waste, trash and/or recyclables for illegal dumping and illegal hauling
  • QOL-009 Placement of littering by private advertising matter
  • QOL-010 Snow and ice removal from sidewalks
  • QOL-011 Storing containers for waste or trash
  • QOL-012 Storing or discarding of appliances
  • QOL-013 Storing of hazardous material
  • QOL-014 Storing of recyclables
  • QOL-015 Swimming pools
  • QOL-016 Violating the terms of any vending license
  • QOL-017 Nuisance/ public nuisance
  • QOL-018 Discharge/discarding of liquid or semi-liquid waste
  • QOL-019 Discharge of chlorinated water to public conveyance systems