Did you know?

Can I park on the sidewalk to get my car farther off the road?
Here at the Borough, we understand the worries that residents may have when it comes to on street parking.  However, it has become a common sight in the Borough to see vehicles parked on the sidewalks. It is important to remember that per PA’s Vehicle Code (Title 75), there are prohibitions regarding parking a vehicle on a sidewalk. Title 75 states that no person shall park a vehicle on a sidewalk 3353 (a) (1) (ii). Parking your vehicle on a sidewalk can result in you receiving a parking ticket or a citation.  Why is this such an important matter, you may ask? By parking a vehicle on a sidewalk, this obstructs the walking path used by the pedestrians in the Borough. This, in turn, decreases the overall safety for pedestrians using the sidewalks. Help us make the Borough a safer place for pedestrian traffic by keeping your cars off the sidewalk – and by reminding friends and neighbors to do the same. 

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