Rental Properties

In January of 2006, the Borough Council of the Borough of Mechanicsburg adopted Ordinance 1076.  This Ordinance requires that all residential rental properties be inspected and receive a Certificate of Compliance.  A copy of the Ordinance, along with three related Resolutions, can be obtained on the Borough Website or at the Borough Office.

In accordance with this Ordinance, no residential rental dwelling unit shall be occupied unless a Certificate of Compliance has been issued by the Borough Code Official.  A residential rental property is required to be inspected prior to occupancy and prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance.  A Certificate of Compliance will be good for thirty-six months.  This Ordinance will also apply to any hotel or motel type facility which permits occupancy on a weekly or monthly basis.

The following enforcement action may be taken if a property owner fails to comply with the Ordinance.

§5-413 – The property owner can be cited, fined up to $1,000.00 or imprisoned for up to 30 days.

§5-405 – No residential dwelling unit can be occupied unless a Certificate of Compliance is issued.  Failure to comply can result in the eviction of tenants until compliance is obtained