Environmental Programs

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Environmental Advisory Council

The Mechanicsburg Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) was formed in February 2006 with the goal of improving our town’s conservation efforts and environment. Our interest is wide-spread – from watersheds, to air quality, to feet-friendly sidewalks.

While we work closely with the Mechanicsburg Borough Council, and take the lead from them in terms of projects on which we focus, we too are interested in hearing from you! After all, each of our seven members is a Borough resident just like you, and one of our top priorities is partnering with the community to improve the environmental quality of life in our town.

Chairman: Keith Thomas (2025)
Vice Chairwoman: Heidi Biggs (2023)
Member: Harry Baker – Planning Commission liaison (2024)
Member: Mark Grosz (2025)
Member: Dallas Agerton (2023)
Member: Andrea Lentz (2024)
Member: Glenda Boyer (2026)

Shade Tree Committee

The Mechanicsburg Shade Tree Commission is a board of volunteer members dedicated to the preservation of the urban tree canopy in the Borough of Mechanicsburg. Trees are an important part of our ecological system and a vital part of our community. The Shade Tree Commission regulates the planting, removal and pruning of shade trees located within all the tree lawns in the Borough of Mechanicsburg. The Commission also regulates the pruning of trees, ensuring that it is done in an aesthetic and healthy manner that contributes to the overall wellbeing of the trees. The Shade Tree Commission meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Borough Municipal building. All meetings are open to the public.

Chairman: Dallas Agerton (2023)
Member: Nancy Luley (2023)
Member: Andrea Bowes (2024)
Member: Ian Gardner (2025)
Member: Keith Thomas (2027)

Environmental Programs Coordinator

Formed in the Spring of 2023, this position works to oversee and integrate conservation, sustainability, and environmentalism into the Borough of Mechanicsburg. This position operates as the MS4 Coordinator (Municipal stormwater), the Grants Manager/Coordinator, the Recycling Coordinator, and assists the Shade Tree Commission and Environmental Advisory Council on achieving their goals.


Current Programs and Initiatives:

Trees for All
‘Trees for All’ seeks to create an equitable and resilient landscape through the expansion and protection of urban tree cover while inspiring individuals to act as stewards, ensuring a healthy environment for future generations. In September 2023, The USDA Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program announced Mechanicsburg Borough’s award of $500,000 for the initiative. Our focus with ‘Trees for All’ is not just on the expansion of tree cover, but on creating the next generation of stewards that will continue to inspire the Borough as “A Green Place to Live”. 

Bare Root Tree Program
The Bare Root Tree Program is a grant program managed by TreePennsylvania that provides bare root trees to communities across the state in an effort to revitalize and expand urban canopy structure and community forests. Each Spring and Fall, the Borough of Mechanicsburg receives new trees to plant throughout the community.

Food: Too Good To Waste
The “Food: Too Good to Waste” program was created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase awareness around the impacts of food waste. This 6-week program go through a series of behavior changes on food waste production. Households will be asked to weigh all food waste items each week either on their own scale or using the scale provided outside of the Borough Office. At the end of the 6 weeks, households will be able to see the impact that food waste causes as well as have valuable solutions to reduce their level of waste production. An incentive for participation in the program is one FREE quarter of refuse that is paid the quarter after their participation ends.

Grow with the Flow Community Garden
Separate from the current community garden, the Grow with the Flow Community garden aims to provide free fresh produce for residents while giving each person the opportunity to learn and grow with the community. Spend an hour or two a week helping to plant, grow, and distribute free produce to members of your community!

Local Climate Action Plan
With assistance from the Penn State Local Climate Action Program, the Borough of Mechanicsburg is creating a greenhouse gas inventory and subsequent plan to reduce emissions and make our community a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable place to live.

Mechanicsburg Community Garden
The Environmental Advisory Council participated in the construction of the Mechanicsburg Borough Community Garden located in Memorial Park. Residents and non-residents can reserve a plot to use for the duration of the growing season each year.

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