Special Needs Registry

Special Needs Registry Form

The Borough of Mechanicsburg is launching a voluntary Special Needs Registry to help first responders provide assistance to residents with special needs during an emergency or disaster.

The Special Needs Registry is a database maintained by the Borough which includes the names and information for residents with special needs who voluntarily submit information regarding their special needs during an emergency or disaster.

A person with special needs is defined as, "An individual who is likely to require assistance in excess of that provided to the general public during a police, fire, or medical emergency, or in a time of disaster, particularly in the event that large scale evacuation is necessary."

Populations who may be interested in signing up for this registry include persons:

  • With a physical disability
  • Who are deaf/hearing impaired
  • Who are blind/visually impaired
  • Who are bedridden
  • With a mental illness
  • With a developmental disability or autism
  • With limited English-speaking skills, or those who do not speak English
  • Lacking transportation necessary to evacuate

If the person with special needs is unable to submit the information, a person who is authorized to act on his/her behalf may do so (guardian, power of attorney, etc.).

Providing this information does not guarantee that the person will receive immediate or special aid in an emergency or disaster but is a tool to assist first responders and emergency management coordinators to plan for contingencies in advance of an emergency or disaster, as well as to formulate a plan of action in the event of an actual emergency or disaster.

All residents are encouraged to prepare themselves and their families for potential emergencies and disasters. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to survive in your home for 72 hours with no outside assistance.

The Special Needs Registry is entirely voluntary. Persons with special needs choose whether to provide their information to the Borough. Persons electing to participate in the Special Needs Registry will be required to sign a form when submitting their information.

Under state law, municipalities are required to keep information on special needs persons in their area, and the Special Needs Registry provides an organized system to do so.

The Borough of Mechanicsburg Special Needs Registry can be filled out through either printing the form at the link below, or visiting the Borough Office, 36 West Allen Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 and requesting a printed copy. Once completed, the form can be either mailed to the Borough Office, c/o of the Emergency Management Coordinator, or dropped off at the Borough Office.