2024/2025 Road Paving Project

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our community, the Borough of Mechanicsburg is planning a 2025 Road Program project. The paving program will take place on portions of West Keller Street, West Coover Street, North Race Street, South George Street, Norway Street, Broad Street, South West Street, East Coover Street, West Portland Street, East Schoolside Drive and York Circle. Before paving can commence, we need to ensure the safety and accessibility of these streets by repairing and replacing curbs, sidewalks, ADA ramps, and driveway aprons in the areas proposed to be paved in 2025. Many may have already noticed markings throughout these areas, the markings aim to identify deficiencies so they can be corrected to enhance everyday travel and make the Borough an even better place to live. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work towards these improvements together! 

To see the 2024/2025 Paving map please visit, 753052400.pdf (ecode360.com)

See below for a more detailed list of the upcoming paving program!
West Keller Street (Long Meadow St. to South High St.)
West Coover Street (South Washington St. to South Frederick St.)
North Race Street (East Portland St. to 115 East Woodland Dr.)
South George Street (West Simpson St. to Green Acres St.)
Norway Street (East Marble St. to Alison Ave.)
Broad Street (West Keller St. to West Marble St.)
South West Street (West Main St. to West Simpson St.)
York Circle (North York St. to Pleasant View Dr.)
East Coover Street (South Arch St. to Shepherdstown Rd.)
West Portland Street (North York St. to North Market St.)
East Schoolside Drive (Northside Elementary Parking lot to North Walnut)